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Free Delivery With Australia Post, From Brisbane Australia. šŸŽ„

    Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY

    What is Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY?

    Our Limited Conditional LIFETIME WARRANTY is a guarantee issued by us to a buyer that our product will meet the leading quality standard without manufacturing faulty and it's also our policy to reward returning customers for doing on-going business with us

    In the first year after you purchase our Neck Theatre at any price, if theĀ device you purchase from us happens to be faulty, we replace the device for FREE.

    After 1 year, we replace a Neck Theatre for FREE within 3Ā months of any purchase you make with us for the same product or any others , as long as the total value of the purchasesĀ is equivalent to our recommended retail price of theĀ product that you wish to replace.Ā